Monday, July 20, 2009

Siegfried & Roy present : 'The Passion of The Christ' LIVE at the Mirage for 3 nights only

This heavily symbolic number is actually a canvas print - yours for only $350....

The artist explains that the image came to him in a dream and the white tiger represents the bride given to God by Jesus. I must have been asleep during that particular RE class because I don't remember Jesus getting a wifey for his dad....

If I were back in 'Semiotics 101' (note: not the real title of the class) I would have said this represented a man's regret over the heavy night he spent with a 'SheTiger' during which she scratched his back up nice, they polished off a few bottles of cheap red and indulged in a little bit of light bondage....Giggity!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

No Timmy, you're doing it ALL WRONG...

Does Jesus also take 50% from your sponsorship earnings when you make it big?

Beware of fez wearing primates

This enlightening brochure veers off the dating track somewhat and blames radical feminists for destroying the 'home'...apparently women don't need men or want children anymore and they want to wear jeans and play organized sports (a not so subtle dig at lesbians methinks...)

Anyway kids, according to the author, this is what dating SHOULD be all about:

'A young man should look for a young woman who has the highest regard for motherhood and will consider her first duty to be a homemaker and to nurture children'

So ladies...put your knickers on and go make me a cup of tea!


This one has a children's book quality about it however once inside the flyer it gives us our stellar options once we drop of the perch; 'HEAVEN OR HELL, Which One For You?'.